Hospital Introduction

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Heilongjiang Province (The 5th Hospital of Heilongjiang Province) is affiliated to Human Resources and Social Security Department of Heilongjiang Province. It is a hospital of Level Three that combines medical treatment, teaching and scientific research together.

The hospital was established in 1952. It consists of two parts. One is on the north bank of river (The Rehabilitation Hospital of Heilongjiang Province), and another is on the south bank of river (The 5th Hospital of Heilongjiang Province). The part on the north bank of river is located in Sun Island Scenic Area, which is mainly engaged in rehabilitation of stroke, rehabilitation of bone injuries, rehabilitation of vegetative symptom and other kinds of medical rehabilitation. The part on the south of river is located in Qunli New District of Harbin City, which is mainly engaged in dilated cardiomyopathy, intractable heart failure, bone articulation replacement, hepatic and biliary disorders, water birth, infant cerebral palsy and other kinds of medical work.

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